~ They're not just Dogs and Cats. They're your best friends, integral members of your family, your partners in crime, your furry children.  They're deeply entwined in your life, heart, and home. Some people simply may not 'get it' - but, we do.

~ We understand the adoration and devotion that you have for your pets and how it reflects in everything you do; from the choice of food and treats you provide, to your  personal style, to how you entertain family and friends, to the way that you decorate your home. 

~ Max and Plugs isn't about your everyday pet products. We're about providing you with some of the finest specialty pet products that promote the enrichment of your pet lifestyle. From Dog and Cat themed home and kitchen decor to designer pet beds and unique products for your Dogs and Cats to pet themed products for every member of the family. You will find fun and unique pet products you can't find at your local 'big box' store. We have something for every member of the family, your home and your pets!

‚Äč Welcome to Max and Plugs! Our mission is simple:

Specialty Pet Products and Pet Themed Products to Enrich Your Home & Pet Lifestyle.